Section: Honoring the Greats - 80th Anniversary of the Zlín Film Studio

Ghosts of Dormers (1987) 8

Czechoslovakia | 1987 | 79 min.

Teresa arrives on vacation to her grandparents. Grandpa is the village jack-of-all-trades and an amateur sculptor; Grandma enjoys smoking cigars. Their tranquility does not last long. A local wealthy man, Napakunk, wants Grandpa to carve a statue of his daughter Pepina, but Grandpa refuses – he can’t find a block strong enough to carve such a fat girl. So Napakunk cuts down the linden tree where the grandparents first met and takes it to Grandpa, who gets angry and throws him out. Napakunk then gets revenge by destroying the spooky garden grandpa built for Tereza. Only a small wooden monster remains, which suddenly comes to life and starts wreaking havoc on Napakunk...

Duration79 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Radim Cvrček
Screenplay Eduard Pergner
Director of Photography Karel Kopecký, Arne Parduba
Music Ondřej Soukup
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Radim Cvrček (1931-2004), director, screenwriter and actor, made a great number films at Zlín's film studio, focusing primarily on children's film. He studied directing at FAMU. His first film was the full-length adventure comedy Lost in Pajamas (Táňa a dva pistolníci, 1967), but went on to make Just Because You're Grown-Up (Dospěláci můžou všechno, 1969), Between Us Boys (Mezi námi kluky, 1981) and Third Clinch for Tommy (Třetí skoba pro kocoura, 1983). He worked with Czechoslovak TV to direct films and series such as Dresses (Šaty, 1972), She Came Out of the Blue Sky (Spadla z oblakov, 1978) and Safari (1991).This set consists of these titles:
Leo at the Photographer´s