Section: Honoring the Greats - 80th Anniversary of the Zlín Film Studio

I and White-Beard (1974) 8

Czechoslovakia | 1974 | 10 min.

An episode from a series about an inquisitive cat named Blue-eye. This time he meets a wise cat named White-beard Zrzunda, injures his biped, and attends a cat concert.

Duration10 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Hermína Týrlová
Screenplay Jindřich Vodička
Director of Photography Antonín Horák
Music Zdeněk Liška
Edited by Antonín Strojsa
Contact Krátký Film Praha a.s.


Hermína Týrlová (1900-1993) was a founding figure in Czech animated film and is connected with Zlín's film studios. She initially cooperated in the making of cartoon film advertisements and later significantly worked in stop-motion film. In her work she experimented with forms, methods and materials. She paid attention to simplicity, detail and pattern. She chose her own themes and wrote her own scripts. Among her many works we'll mention the films Revolution in Toyland (Vzpoura hraček, 1945), Ball (Kulička, 1963) and the stories of Ferda the Ant (Ferda Mravenec, 1977).This film is a part of the set Indians from Větrov.