25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth

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Section: International Competitionod Feature Films for Youth

Nika (2016) 15

Slovenia | 2016 | 92 min.

This film tells the story of 16-year-old Nika, whose biggest wish in life is to race a go-kart. She’s inspired by her father, who was a professional racing driver that died in a car accident. Her mother is afraid that after death of her husband she will lose her only daughter. Her mother’s prohibition of Nika attending go-kart races has the opposite of the desired effect. Nika neglects school, hides her problems from her mother and starts secretly practicing racing despite her mother's ban. When her father’s best friend Nani tells Nika that he’ll help her get into the Adriatic Cup race if she finishes the school year, Nika accepts the proposal.

Duration92 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Slobodan Maksimović
Screenplay Matjaž Pikalo / Slobodan Maksimović
Director of Photography Predrag Dubravčić
Music Peter Dekleva, Miha Guštin-Gušti
Edited by Jurij Moškon
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Slobodan Maksimović (1975) is a filmmaker originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who currently lives in Ljubljana, where he studied film and TV directing at the Academy of Performing Arts. Before that he worked as a journalist for a time. His short films 1/2 (2007) and AgapE (2008) have been successfully screened and awarded at many international film festivals, as well as his debut feature film the dark comedy Thanks for Sunderland (Hvala za Sunderland, 2012).

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