Section: Days of French Cinema

Raining Cats and Frogs (2003) 6

France | 2003 | 87 min.

At the end of the world, far away from everything, is a cozy farm at the top of a hill where a family lives peacefully. The frogs at the foot of the hill are very worried. They have no doubts; all predictions agree that a giant flood is about to engulf the Earth. Faced with this raging element, the frogs agree that, just this once, they will communicate with the humans. And thus begins a great adventure in which animals and people have to learn to live together. This is easier said than done... Raining Cats and Frogs is the first feature film by the famous French animation film studio Folimage. In its original language, the animals are voiced by famous actors such as Michel Galabru and Annie Girardot.

Duration87 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
Screenplay Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Antoine Lanciaux, Iouri Tcherenkov
Director of Photography Benoît Razy
Music Serge Besset
Edited by Hervé Guichard
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Jacques Rémy Girerd (1952) is a French director and producer of animated film productions. He graduated from art school in Lyon. He shot short films before founding the famous animation production studio Folimage and gave birth to many animated works, including TV series. He made his independent debut with the feature family film Raining Cats and Frogs (La Prophétie des grenouilles, 2003), then went on to make the children's films Mia and Migoo (Mia et le Migou, 2008) and Aunt Hilda! (Tante Hilda!, 2013).