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Little Mountain Boy (2015) 8

Switzerland | 2015 | 104 min.

Up in the Swiss Alps, just above a small town, lives Ursli with his parents, their animals, and his best friend Sereina, who often comes to visit. One day while transporting their harvest, an accident occurs and they lose it all over a cliff. In order to survive the winter they go into debt by making a deal with the village’s unfriendly but wealthy store owner and Ursli has to give up his beloved goat to the rude son of the store owner. To make matters worse, Ursli has the embarrassingly smallest bell of all the kids for the "Chalandamarz" ritual to banish winter and welcome spring. Ursli finally decides to take matters in his own help is parents and to find the biggest bell... which is hidden in a cabin on top of the mountain. The adventure is on!!!

Duration104 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Xavier Koller
Screenplay Xavier Koller, Stefan Jäger
Director of Photography Felix von Muralt
Music Martin Tillman
Edited by Gion-Reto Killias
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Xavier Koller (1944) is a Swiss screenwriter and director. He graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts, acted in and directed a number of German and Swiss theaters, and later also worked in TV and film. He made his debut as a film director with the feature film Hannibal (1972). Among his most successful and acclaimed works include the dramas Journey of Hope (Reise der Hoffnung, 1990), Tanner (Der Schwarze Tanner, 1985) Gripsholm (2000) and Someone Like Me (Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari, 2012).