Section: International Competition of Animated Films for Children

In a Cage (2016) 0

France | 2016 | 6 min.

It’s the story of an encounter: a caged bear who can’t sing meets a little bird who can’t fly but who can sing beautifully. Their friendship will be mutually beneficial and together they will overcome their disabilities.

Duration6 min
LanguageAll kinds
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Loic Bruyere
Screenplay Loic Bruyere
Music Romain Trouillet
Edited by Loic Bruyere
Contact Mikhal Bak


Loïc Bruyere is a French animator, director and illustrator. He graduated from the Emile Cohl school of the visual arts in Lyon. He’s worked with the animation studios Caribara, Folimage, Millimage, Tankuis and TV Canal and on the making of films and series. He directed the short animated film The Cage (La Cage, 2016). He also teaches at the Aries school of animation in Lyon.This film is a part of the set Short Animations 9., This film is a part of the set Short Animations 4.