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The Wild Soccer Bunch – The Legend Lives! (2016) 10

Germany | 2016 | 99 min.

Leo, his brother Elias, Finn, Oskar, Joshua and Matze are obsessed with football. Though they’ve heard the legend of the Wild Soccer Bunch, they don't believe it… until they find a mysterious map that leads them to a strange place that may prove it true. They find themselves among the legendary "Wildboys" and have been chosen as the successors of the originals, who are now adults. The boys then begin training hard and hire a coach, Willie. They must also deal with the fact that they are joined by a seventh "player", Müller, who turns out to be a girl. Do they have enough wildness in them to succeed? A witty and nimble film that's not only about football, but also about adventure and friendship.

Duration99 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Joachim Masannek
Screenplay Joachim Masannek
Director of Photography Benjamin Dernbecher
Music Bananafishbones, Andrej Melita, Peter Horn Jr.
Edited by Tobias Haas
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Joachim Masannek (1960) is a German screenwriter, director and writer. He graduated in German studies, philosophy, and film in Munich. He's worked in various professions in both film and TV. He has collaborated on the making of several animated projects and has also written books for children. He has directed a number of short films and TV movies. He’s made a name for himself for his five films about soccer called The Wild Guys (Wilden Kerle 1-5 2002-2008) and the family adventure films V8 (V8, 2013, 2015).