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My Canadian Adventure - The Quest for The Lost Gold (2015) 8

Denmark | 2015 | 83 min.

The kids find an old photo of a man with a beard and gold prospecting equipment who turns out to be their great-grandfather. This bearded man had immigrated to Canada many years ago to become a gold prospector. The thought of this excites the children and they manage to get in touch with their aunt Anna, who invites them to Canada for a visit. It turns out that there is a story of an old gold mine, and a treasure map. The kids catch gold fever and go on a quest in search for the lost gold, which may still be hidden in a mine that’s been untouched for over fifty years. On their way to find the mine, the Canadian wilderness, the nature and the animals surprise the kids, not too mention two suspicious gold prospectors who also want to get their hands on the treasure.

Duration83 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Niels Nørløv
Screenplay Boderke, Eric Leca, Lars Mering, Michael Obel, Jonathan Vanger
Director of Photography Philippe Roy


Niels Nørløv Hansen (1973) is a Danish screenwriter and director. He graduated from directing from the National Film School of Denmark. He went from making short films - of which we'll mention The Monster (Monsteret, 2002) - to making TV series, e.g. 2900 Happiness (2007) and the criminal film Those Who Kill (Den som draeber, 2010). He made his debut with the feature-length comedy The Reunion (Klassefesten, 2011), which he followed with the adventure film My Sisters Kids & the Gold Diggers (Min søsters børn og guldgraverne, 2015).