Section: Days of German Cinema

Wunderkinder (2011) 14

Germany | 2011 | 97 min.

A tale of three exceptionally musically talented children, who develop a deep and genuine friendship, extending beyond their different religions and nationalities. The two Jewish children Larissa and Abrascha are both virtuosos – one on the piano and the other on the violin. Hanna, a young German girl, is also extremely gifted. Living in Poltava, Ukraine in 1941, they all share one great love: music. Their world is one of curiosity, joy and talent. But when the Nazis invade the Soviet Union, they and their families face mortal peril. Due to the insanity of grown-ups at home and abroad, their world is turned upside down, and they are suddenly no longer allowed to be friends.

Duration97 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Marcus O.Rosenmüller
Screenplay Stephen Glantz, Marcus O. Rosenmüller, Kris Karathomas
Director of Photography Roman Nowocien
Music Marin Stock
Edited by Marcus O.Rosenmüller
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Marcus O. Rosenmüller (1963) is a screenwriter, director and producer. He graduated from communication studies in Munich. He's primarily known for his advertising films and music videos. He's collaborated with TV companies to make many programs, series and even films, of which we'll mention Dead Diver in the Woods (Der tote Taucher im Wald, 1999), The Client (Die Mandantin, 2004), The Flood (Die Flut, 2010). He made his debut with the award-winning feature drama Wunderkinder (2011).