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How to Steal a Dog (2014) 8

South Korea | 2014 | 109 min.

Ji-so is a 10-year old living in a pizza truck. Her dad is out of town and her mom lacks sense of reality, so Ji-so decides to get a house on her own. She finds a missing dog poster with a five-hundred-dollar reward and comes up with a plan. To find a rich dog, steal it and then return it as if she had found it. Ji-so’s gang spots Wolly, the dog of an old rich lady and sets out the plan. They also befriend a kindhearted homeless man who shares his wisdom. Meanwhile, the old lady’s nephew is also after Wolly for his aunt’s inheritance. Will Ji-so succeed in carrying out her sneaky dog-stealing plot?

CountrySouth Korea
Duration109 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by KIM Sung-Ho
Screenplay KIM Sung-Ho, SHIN Yeon-Shick
Director of Photography KIM Hyoung-Ju
Music KANG Min-Kook
Edited by LEE Jin
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Kim Sung-Ho (1970) is a South Korean screenwriter and director. He graduated from architecture at Yonsei University in Seoul and from media studies at The New School in New York. He made his debut with the full-length horror Into the Mirror (Geoul Sokeuro, 2003). He went on to shoot primarily dramas, e.g. Fantastic Parasuicides (Pantaseutol Jasaljodong, 2007) and Short! Short! Short! (Hwangkeumshidae, 2009) and Fighting Family (Hwaiting Faemili, 2012).