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Travel with joy - Jamaica, Kenya, South Vietnam, Mexico, Ethiopia (2015) 0

Czech Republic | 2015 | 13 min.

Fri 29.05.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

Sun 31.05.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

Mon 01.06.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

Tue 02.06.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

Wed 03.06.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

Thu 04.06.2015 | 15:00 hours | Kino čas

An adventure travelogue for children to help them clearly, comprehensively and in a fun way visit all the corners of the world and answer all tricky questions. Jamaica – a Caribbean island kingdom, where reggae music was born and where the members of the Maroons tribe still maintain their traditions. Kenya – the country with the best-known African national parks, with the mysterious Masai nation, and the chance to collect cashews or visit real shamans. South Vietnam – a country of water markets, rice paddies, flower plantations and street carts with delicious food. Visit a city full of motorbikes. Mexico – the largest country in Central America, with stories of Indians and Spanish conquerors, golden treasure, and pyramids. Ethiopia – a country where bee-keepers get honey from the tree tops, they eat flat-breads and cuddle with hyenas.

CountryCzech Republic
Duration13 min
SubtitleNo subtitles
Directed by Markéta Nešlehová, Tomáš Kabele
Screenplay Markéta Nešlehová, Tomáš Kabele
Director of Photography Vladimír Šimek, Šuster Jan, Votruba Martin, Schäfer Tomáš, Žán Vlastimil, Čálek David
Music xxx
Edited by Bouška Lukáš, Řehák Jan, Kabele Tomáš
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Tomáš Kábele is a director. He has also directed the made-for-TV movie Big Girl (Velká holka, 2005). As a director he's also collaborated on TV serials and series, e.g. Early Deaths (Předčasná úmrtí, 2006–2007), Stories of the Famous (Příběhy slavných, 2010) and Our Traditions (Naše tradice, 2014). Markéta Nešlehová (1969) is a screenwriter and director. She worked for many years in TV, taking part as a director on the making of the TV programs Night with an Angel (Noc s Andělem. 1999), Babylon (2000), To Work (Do práce, 2011) and Friday Nights, Full Stop (Tečkapáteční noci, 2013) and the TV serials Our Traditions (Naše tradice, 2014) and Travel&Play (Cestohrátky, 2014).