Section: International competition of feature films for children

The Seven Ravens (2015) 8

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic | 2015 | 97 min.

This is the story about a young girl who takes it upon herself to save her brothers and rid them of the curse put upon them by their mother. It's a story about courage, endurance, and the power of words, truth and true love. Our protagonist is the young girl Bohdanka, who is born into the troubled family of a baker, whose wife (out of anger) had cursed her seven sons some years ago, who were then turned into ravens. Her parents conceal this family tragedy from Bohdanka. On the threshold of adulthood the girls finds out about the curse and decides to free her brothers. The local witch advises her to sew shirts for her brothers. But no ordinary shirts – on her own she must pick nettles, make the thread, weave the cloth and sew each stitch. Bohdanka sets out on a long journey to rescue her brothers.

CountryCzech Republic, Slovak Republic
Duration97 min
Directed by Alice Nellis
Screenplay Alice Nellis
Director of Photography Matěj Cibulka
Music Vašo Patejdl
Edited by Filip Issa
Contact Bohemia Motion Pictures


Alice Nellis (1971) is a Czech screenwriter and director. She graduated from English and American studies at Charles University and scriptwriting at FAMU. She made her successful debut with the full-length film Ene Bene (2000). Her subsequent films, dealing mainly with themes on interpersonal relationships, include the comedies Some Secrets (Výlet, 2002) and Revival (2013) and the dramas Little Girl Blue (Tajnosti, 2007), Mamas & Papas (2010), Perfect Days (2011) and Angels (Andělé všedního dne, 2014).