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Section: In the Shadow of War

Iraqi Childhood (0) 10

Iraq, U.K. | 0 | 56 min.

Happy Birthday On the anniversary of “Black Wednesday”, and his 5th birthday, a young boy is taken to visit his father’s grave. Distracted by his toy car, the little boy wanders off and becomes lost in the labyrinth of graves where he meets an unconventional new friend who will mysteriously lead him back to his mother. Children of God A young amputee boy bets his prized possessions, a series of football posters, on the girl’s team winning a battle-of-the-sexes football match in an attempt to gain the affections of his crush, their goalkeeper. Children of War In an Iraqi orphanage a young victim of the war reveals his anguish and his experiences through a series of drawings. His childlike mind contorts the events, but from his perspective we see the war unraveling around him.   Lipstick Puberty runs rife in a Baghdad boy’s high-school sex education class where teenage boys fantasize over a sultry teacher. Whilst oblivious: Ali, a naïve adolescent, dreams only of owning a pair of “Nike” trainers. Nesma’s Birds Awkward 11-year-old Nesma is at odds with the world around her since she began caring for her father’s pigeons after this death. Being forced to get rid of the birds by her mother today will see Nesma face an even bigger challenge as she enters womanhood. War Canister A young deaf boy from Baghdad can only dream of a childhood. He is forced to steal oil canisters in order to support his financially troubled family, but an eventful bus ride home will see him for forget his responsibilities for some frivolous fun and a desperate search ensues to find the oil he’s lost.

CountryIraq, U.K.
Duration56 min


Mohanad Hayal (1985) is a screenwriter and director. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Film at Baghdad University. He worked as an assistant director then began shooting his own short films. He is currently working for the Iraqi Independent Film Center. Ahmed Al-Daradji (1986) is a screenwriter and director who graduated from Baghdad University in audiovisual studies. He's worked as an editor and sound engineer for a satellite TV station. He has collaborated on the making of many films and has independently directed short films. He's currently studying at a film school in London where he also works in satellite TV. Medoo Ali (1991) is a director. He graduated from the Fine Arts Center in Baghdad. He has collaborated on the making of several feature and documentary films. He shot his first short film as part of a workshop of the Iraqi Independent Film Center, where he also co-directed another work with Najwan Ali. Luay Fadhil Abbas (1982) is a director. He completed his engineering studies then graduated from the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi and is studying further courses in Los Angeles. He's assisted in the making of many Iraqi feature films. He's independently directed documentaries and short films that he has presented at international festivals. Najwan Ali (1989) is a screenwriter and director. She graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts Baghdad in audiovisual studies, in which she is continuing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. She is the author of several short films. Yahya Al-Allaq (1979) is a screenwriter and director. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad in film studies, then from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He's also attended courses in documentary film at independent film and TV schools. He's assisted in the directing of feature films and has independently shot short films that have been awarded at festivals. This set consists of these titles:
Happy Birthday
Children of War
Children of God
War Canister
Nesma´s Birds