Section: International Competition of Films for Youth

Galore (2013) 14

Australia | 2013 | 103 min.

It’s a sweltering summer before the final year of school and Billie and Laura share every secret except for Billie’s biggest secret – she’s crazy in love and is sleeping with Laura’s boyfriend Danny. When Billie’s social worker mum takes Isaac into her care, the delicate balance of the three friends’ lives is disrupted. Laura drifts away from Danny as she is drawn to the intense Isaac, while Isaac is compelled by Laura’s joy. Billie resents Isaac and is consumed by feelings of envy and betrayal. As the summer heat continues, the life the four friends know is changed forever – their secrets are revealed and they are left to confront the consequences.

Duration103 min
Directed by Rhys Graham
Screenplay Rhys Graham
Director of Photography Stefan Duscio
Music Christopher O’Young, Flynn Wheeler
Edited by Andy Canny
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Rhys Graham (1974) is an Australian screenwriter and director. He was engaged in developing video installations, short films and documentaries, of which we'll mention the films Love This Time (2006), Words from the City (2007, together with Natasha Gadd), Skin (2008), and Murundak: Songs of Freedom (2011). He made his feature film debut with the drama Galore (2013). He is the author of a book on current short film in Australia.