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Scrap Wood War (2014) 10

Netherlands | 2014 | 87 min.

At their annual summer building club ‘Camp Scrap Wood’, best friends Ziggy (12) and Bas (12) find themselves on opposing sides for the first time in their lives. A different secondary school, their parents’ expectations and falling in love with a girl cause an almost forgotten argument to become an all-out battle between the boys. As they work on their constructions, the boys begin to fight, each with the help of their own group of young builders. Initially, tougher Bas fights hard, but soon has doubts about the row. Meanwhile, the gentle Ziggy gradually toughens up and becomes determined to win. Scrap Wood War is a family film about friendship, love, jealousy and how easy it is for war to break out between boys.

Duration87 min
SubtitleEnglish, simul. translation cz
Directed by Margien Rogaar
Screenplay Tijs van Marle
Director of Photography Sal Kroonenberg
Music Rik Elstgeest
Edited by Elsbeth Kasteel
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Margien Rogaar is a Dutch screenwriter and director. She graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with the short film Girl, Boy, Icecream (Meisje jongen ijsje, 2002). She made her debut feature with the drama Maybe Sweden (2006). Among her award-winning short and TV movies are, e.g. Sigh (Zucht, 2007) and Bon Voyage (2010). She's also made the children's TV series Doctor Cheezy (2011).