Section: In the Shadow of War

Children of God (2013) -

Iraq, U.K., Netherlands, Hungary | 2013 | 10 min.

A young amputee boy bets his prized possessions, a series of football posters, on the girl’s team winning a battle-of-the-sexes football match in an attempt to gain the affections of his crush, their goalkeeper.

CountryIraq, U.K., Netherlands, Hungary
Duration10 min
SubtitleSimultanneous translation into
Directed by Ahmed Yassin
Screenplay Ahmed Al-Daradji
Director of Photography Najwan Ali
Edited by Zainab Al-Hariri, Medoo Ali, Ahmed Yassin
Contact Human Film


Ahmed Yaseen Al-Daradji (1986) is a screenwriter and director who graduated from Baghdad University in audiovisual studies. He's worked as an editor and sound engineer for a satellite TV station. He has collaborated on the making of many films and has independently directed short films. He's currently studying at a film school in London where he also works in satellite TV. This film is a part of the set Iraqi Childhood.