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Sickos (2014) 13

Netherlands | 2014 | 92 min.

Teenagers with life-threatening cancer want to live like any other healthy teen. Three of them seem to have a lot of fun on the children's oncology department of a large hospital. They can’t walk, but with their wheelchairs they do risky stunts in the corridors of the hospital. Nick (14) and Iwan (15) have both lost a leg due to bone cancer. An amputation may also be the next phase for their friend Olivier (16). The fourth of the bunch, Pepijn (15), is so ill that he often stays in his room. Friendship and a deep desire to live keep the guys mentally balanced. Things change when Gina (16) arrives. The boys try to seduce her, but Gina is not interested at first. But she realizes that her stay in the hospital will be less depressing if she has friends.

Duration92 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Lodewijk Crijns
Screenplay Lodewijk Crijns
Director of Photography Joost van Herwijnen
Music Bart van Lisdonk
Edited by Herman P. Koerts NCE
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Lodewijk Crijns (1970) is a Dutch screenwriter and director. He graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. He made his debut feature with Jesus is a Palestinian (Jezus is een Palestijn, 1999). His award-winning works include the short films Doctor Vogel (Doktor Vogel , 2003) and Turkish Chick (Turkse chick, 2006), the TV movies Loverboy (2003) and Hitte/Harara (2008), as well as the feature comedy Only Decent People (Alleen Maar Nette Mensen, 2011).