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Section: International Competition of European First Films

Broken Glass Park (2013) 15

Germany | 2013 | 94 min.

Teenage Sascha has two dreams: to write a novel about her dead mother and to take revenge on her stepfather who brutally murdered her. When she meets the newspaper editor Volker, he invites her to come to his home where he lives with his son. A subtle love triangle ensues which helps Sascha find her personal path to adulthood.

Duration94 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Bettina Blümner
Screenplay Katharina Kress
Director of Photography Mathias Schöningh
Music Ali N. Askin
Edited by Inge Schneider
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Bettina Blümner (1975) is a German director and camerawoman. She studied directing at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg and at an international film school in Cuba. She's found success as a documentary filmmaker with Pool of Princesses (Prinzessinnenbad, 2007) and later took part in the making of the TV documentary series 24 Hours in Berlin - One Day in a Life (24h Berlin – Ein Tag im Leben, 2009) and 20xBrandenburg (2010). The drama Broken Glass Park (Scherbenpark, 2013) is her feature-length debut.