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Rooster-Doodle-Doo (2014) 7

Canada | 2014 | 80 min.

The mayor of St-Victor is proud of the economic dynamism and orderliness of his village. And he gives full credit for the village’s vigorous success to one individual, his valiant rooster; an astonishingly loud and punctual rooster that awakens all the villagers at precisely 4 o'clock in the morning - every day of the week, be it a work day, a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday. But some of the villagers have had quite enough of the rooster’s relentless early morning crowing...and decide to put a price on his head. They succeed in ousting the raucous rooster but the village immediately suffers negative consequences. Alarmed at the village’s sudden social and economic downturn, a group of citizens will form a special squad to retrieve the bird.

Duration80 min
SubtitleSimultanneous translation into
Directed by Pierre Greco
Screenplay Johanne Mercier & Pierre Greco
Music Olivier Auriol
Edited by René Caron
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Pierre Greco is a Canadian screenwriter and director. He studied film at the University of Montreal. He first made promotional, advertising, documentary and short films, then made his debut feature film A Small Wind of Panic (Un petit vent de panique, 2000). He's also made the animated TV series W: The Series. His latest work is the animated film The Rooster of St-Victor (Le Coq de St-Victor, 2014).