30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth

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Section: International Competition of Films for Youth

Sitting Next to Zoe (2013) 15

Switzerland | 2013 | 88 min.

Asal and Zoe are best friends and spend their last summer together before their lives begin in earnest. Asal wants nothing more than to have a boyfriend and Zoe dreams of becoming a make-up artist. But in reality things are very different: Zoe has to work in a grocery store for the summer, Asal will go to secondary school in the fall. The goal for their summer break is soon set: Asal has to lose her virginity and become a woman! And when the 18-year-old Swede Kai shows up in town, she knows to whom. The three of them decide to take a trip to a remote lake. What begins as a romantic hike soon becomes a real test for the girls’ friendship.

Duration88 min
SubtitleEnglish, Czech
Directed by Ivana Lalović
Screenplay Stefanie Veith, Ivana Lalovic
Director of Photography Filip Zumbrunn
Music Marcel Vaid
Edited by Myriam Flury
Contact Langfilm - Olivier Zobrist


Ivana Lalović (1982) is a screenwriter and director originally from Sarajevo. She graduated in design and later graduated in film directing from an academy in Zurich. During her studies she shot a number short films, e.g. To the Last Coffee Bean (Jusqu‘au dernier grain de café, 2006), I Don't Dream In German (Ich träume nicht auf Deutsch, 2009), Tooth for a Tooth (Zahn um Zahn, 2009) and Little Fighters (2010). Sitting Next to Zoe (2013) is her feature-length film debut.

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