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Knight Rusty (2012) 8

Germany | 2012 | 85 min.

The kingdom of Scrapland is a magical world where the lines between machinery, people and animals are blurred: everybody is made out of scrap metal and everything is alive! Horses have engines just like motorbikes, toasters can form an army, and screwdrivers have a mind of their own. In this realm, ruled by King Leadfoot, lives Rusty the knight in a ramshackle, rusting castle together with his loyal little dragon Cole and Damsel Bo, a faithful friend who he tends to take for granted. Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life: Just as his dream of winning the big tournament comes true, he is falsely accused of theft. Stripped of his knightly honor and his castle, he sets out to redeem himself and to win back the heart of his damsel. Can he also defeat the evil prince and save the kingdom?

Duration85 min
SubtitleSimultanneous translation into
Directed by Thomas Bodenstein
Story Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther
Screenplay Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther
Director of Photography Hubert Weiland, Nina Wels
Music Felix Janosa, Andreas Grim
Edited by Anton Margraf, Martin Reimers
Production Design Thomas Bodenstein, Hubert Weiland
Main Animator Nina Wels
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