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Section: International Competition of Films for Children

Pee-Wee: The Winter That Changed My Life (2012) 10

Canada | 2012 | 122 min.

After his mother's tragic death, Janeau Trudel, a 12-year-old prodigal hockey player, moves to the bucolic town of Mont St-Hilaire with his father. There he befriends Julie, the goalie of his new team, a talented and determined young girl whose only desire is to be part of the biggest tournament for players her age: the International Pee-Wee Tournament of Quebec City. Unfortunately, some of their playmates do not approve of Janeau's arrival in the team, more specifically Joey, the team's captain who is driven by his father's negative attitude. Will the coach, a teddy bear with a heart of gold, succeed in bringing his team to win against the strong Russian team despite the quarrels and jealousies he has to deal with in his locker room?

Duration122 min
SubtitleEnglish, simultanneous transla
Directed by Éric Tessier
Screenplay Emmanuel Joly, Jean-Sébastien Poirier, Martin Bouchard
Director of Photography Bernard Couture
Music Christian Clermont
Edited by Alain Baril
Production Christal Films Production, Les Productions Vidéofilms Ltée, Vélocité International
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