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Bekas (2012) 12

Finland, Iraq, Sweden | 2012 | 92 min.

Dana and Zana are two little kids looking for salvation. The only thing they come up with is ‘Superman’, after they secretly watch bits and pieces of the movie. They are both orphans and homeless in Iraqi Kurdistan under the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein during the 1990s. Their only hope is to reach the United States of America and live with their friend ‘Superman’. But how will they get there? They lack everything necessary to fulfill their dream; they have no money, no passports, and the only means of transportation they've got is a donkey.

CountryFinland, Iraq, Sweden
Duration92 min
SubtitleEnglish, simultanneous transla
Directed by Karzan Kader
Screenplay Karzan Kader
Director of Photography Johan Holmqvist
Music Juhana Lehtiniemi
Edited by Michal Leszczylowski, Sebastian Ringler
Production Sonet Film AB
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