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More Than a Fairy Tale (2013) -

Slovak Republic | 2013 | 8 min.

A story about a girl who lives in a foster home. Because she has no parents, she reads alone in the evening. Due to her large fantasy, she lives in an unreal world; one that becomes real in the movie. The girl discovers that the instructions for winning are simple - you just need to look at things differently. Eliminate your fear of the unknown, which serves to take away your happiness.

CountrySlovak Republic
Duration8 min
Directed by Ivona Lichá
Story Ivona Lichá
Screenplay Ivona Lichá
Director of Photography Ivona Lichá
Music Ivona Lichá
Edited by Ivona Lichá
Production Design Ivona Lichá
Main Animator Ivona Lichá
Foreign Right Sales Mária Boďová
Address Fakulta dramatických umení, AU Horná 95, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
Phone/Fax +421-48-4320 311
E-mail fdu@aku.sk
Production Mária Boďová
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