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Class of Fun (2012) 7

Netherlands | 2012 | 81 min.

Tobias is a smart, cheerful and super funny kid, but his teacher Miss Sanne doesn't see this and continuously punishes him for his mischief. But his luck changes when she suddenly goes on maternity leave and the eccentric Mr. Kees takes her place. He changes everything his pupils had thought about school upside down and lessons have never been so entertaining - so it seems only a matter of time till the hard-nosed principal and an upcoming school inspection end the fun.

Duration81 min
SubtitleEnglish, simultanneous transla
Directed by Barbara Bredero
Story Mirjam Oldenhave
Screenplay Tijs van Marle
Director of Photography Guido van Gennep
Music Herman Witkam
Edited by Elsbeth Kasteel
Production Design Harry Ammerlaan
Main Animator N/A
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