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Section: International Competition of Animated Films for Children

The Mole at the Sea (2012) 3

Russia | 2012 | 5 min.

There once was a mole who lived near a highway in home full of garbage. One day he sees a picture of a beautiful deserted beach in a magazine. He immediately sets out to find it, but reality doesn't quite match the picture. Crowds of people and garbage as far as the eye can see. After everyone leaves, he finally gets the chance to enjoy the beauty of the beach and have it to himself.

Duration5 min
LanguageNo Dialogue
Directed by Anna Kadykova
Story Anna Kadykova
Screenplay Anna Kadykova
Director of Photography Anna Kadykova
Music Alexey Chizhik
Edited by Anna Kadykova
Production Design Sonya Kendel
Main Animator Anna Kadykova
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