29/5 — 6/6/2020
60th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
  • My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
    My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
    Golden Slipper
    for the Best Feature Film for Children
    Country: NLD/GER
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Steven Wouterlood
  • Giant Little Ones
    Giant Little Ones
    Golden Slipper
    for the Best Feature Film for Youth
    Country: USA
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Keith Behrman
  • Cloudy
    Golden Slipper
    for the Best Animated Film
    Country: CZE
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová
  • The Unpromised Land
    The Unpromised Land
    The Europe Award
    for the Best European First Film
    Country: SWE
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Victor Lindgren
  • Provence
    Main Prize for the TOP Film of Zlín Dog

    Country: BEL
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Kato De Boeck
  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy
    Jury Prize for Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children
    Finn Little for the role of Mike
    Country: AUS
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Shawn Seet
  • Measure of a Man
    Measure of a Man
    Jury Prize for Best Youth Performance in a Feature Film for Youth
    Blake Cooper for the role of Bobby
    Country: USA
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Jim Loach
  • Teofrastus
    The Hermína Týrlová Award
    Award for Young Artists aged under 35
    Country: EST
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Sergei Kibus
  • Rocca Changes the World
    Rocca Changes the World
    Main Prize of the Children’s Jury
    for the Best Feature Film for Children
    Country: GER
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Katja Benrath
  • How Big Is the Galaxy?
    How Big Is the Galaxy?
    ECFA Doc Award
    for Best European Documentary for Young Audience
    Country: RUS/EST
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Ksenia Elyan

Do not overlook

4. 11. 2019


On Friday, November 1, Markéta Pášmová, Artistic Director of the Zlín Film Festival, received a special award in Tokyo, Japan at the KINEKO International Children's Film Festival.

15. 10. 2019


At the beginning of October, the organizers of the Zlín festival opened the registration for films for the upcoming 60th anniversary. This celebratory year will be in the spirit of the theme 2020: BACK TO THE FUTURE. The Zlín Film Festival will take place from May 29 to June 6, 2020.

18. 6. 2019

Director Imogen Thomas about EMU RUNNER: “Emus have a curious nature, which worked to our advantage”

EMU RUNNER tells the story of nine-year-old Indigenous girl, Gem Daniels, who lives in a remote Australian town. As she copes with her mother’s death, Gem finds solace in the company of a wild emu. This heart-warming story plays out against the challenges that come from living in a small and isolated community. “It was a privilege to be there, and to share these people’s lives and their world and this incredible country. I think that is a gift for all of us,” says director Imogen Thomas. That’s probably why it feels like a privilege to welcome this wonderful film to the Zlin Film Festival. You can be sure it will take you to places you’ve never seen before, like… Brewarrina.

14. 6. 2019

Results and motivations of the 59th Zlín Film Festival

Results and motivations of each festival jury. Read more in this article.

3. 6. 2019


Complete result list of the 59th Zlín Film Festival.

1. 6. 2019

Program tips for Saturday 1.6.

The last day of the Zlín Film Festival traditionally belongs to sport. On Saturday afternoon, the fourth year of the Festival Half-Marathon will take place; it will be preceded by a family run and the Černí Koně children's hand bike race. In total, over two thousand runners, both big and small, will run the course. The last four screenings will take place at the cinema, presenting the winning films from the competition for children, for youth, the winner of the audience award, and the best European debut. The Outdoor Cinema will screen the Oscar-winning film The Green Book. A program has been prepared in the Theater and Chateau Zones; the Festival Chateau invites you to come for a visit and to see the exhibitions of the supporting festival program.

1. 6. 2019


The jury of the 59th Zlin Film Festival have watched all the films which were entered into this year’s competition and they have chosen the winners. As all the competition films have already been screened and the winners have been announced, the Zlin Film Festival is heading to its finale.

The most successful film of the festival was the German feature Rocca Changes the World, receiving awards from both the jury and the audience. Aside from the competition films, visitors have enjoyed screenings of non-competition films devoted to nature, people and countries reflecting the central theme of this year’s festival “Discover and Explore” and also a rich programme of supporting events, including travel talks and events centered around the explorer, Miroslav Zikmund.

31. 5. 2019

Director Alon Marom about 17 SECONDS

“I’m a fan of one of the greatest losers in the history of Israeli football”


Four adolescents, outstanding athletes, live and train at Israel's national Sports Academy. They are facing a system that pushes them to their limits while they question whether their youth isn´t being spent in vain. The story shifts between exhausting training routines and painful injuries to sporting peaks only a few are blessed to experience. But once they might give up, then what is left? Director Alon Marom will be a guest at the Zlin Festival to answer all your questions. We wanted to know how he selected the athletes (one team athlete and three individual sportsmen) for this documentary.

31. 5. 2019

Program tips for Friday 31. 5.

The competition program ends on the penultimate day of the ZFF. The best films for children and youth will be awarded Golden Slippers and other festival awards at the gala evening in the presence of Czech Television cameras. A Golden Slipper for outstanding interpretation of songs in Czech films will also be awarded to singer Karel Gott. Today's discussion in the series of travel discussions, will be presented by the Manťáci ("handymen"), a group who crossed India by rickshaw. There is a program on Náměstí Míru Square with the Černí Koně ("Black Horse") organization, which helps disabled people move about independently. The Outdoor Cinema will screen the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

Tips for film programme

Tips for supporting programme

Hot galleries

2. 6. 2019

Winners of the half marathon

Did you run or cheer? Anyway, thank you for your record attendance! See who stood on the podium.

2. 6. 2019

Top festival moments of Friday 31.5.

Exceptional moments from Friday's day are really exclusive. Check out the selection of the most interesting top moments.

1. 6. 2019

Red Carpet on Friday 31.5.

The last red carpet of 59th Zlín Film Festival ... many stars, delegations and visitors. Thank you!

1. 6. 2019

GALA CEREMONY - tho biggest photogallery of 59th Zlín Film Festival

The atmosphere of yesterday's gala was amazing. Look at the moments from awarding festival awards or following afterparties through the lenses of our photographers.

1. 6. 2019

Top festival moments of Thursday 30.1.

Interesting moments from 7th festival day - many visitors in cinema, baptism in Zoo Lešná, Cinema train, film stars on the red carpet and others. Look at the photogallery.

31. 5. 2019

Many members of juries and interesting film delegation on the red carpet - Thursday 30.5.

Eight festival juries presented themselves to the audience at the red carpet. Furthermore, visitors could meet delegations for screened films or with Czech actresses Kristýna Frejová or Klára Pollertová-Trojanova with children.

30. 5. 2019

Works in progress

Zlín Film Festival Zlín organizes "Works in Progress" in cooperation with the Czech Film Center. Five Czech, Slovak and Balkan projects in the post-production phase were presented by their creators to festival guests, distributors and sales agents.

30. 5. 2019

Top moments of the 6th festival day

The best photos of this day.

30. 5. 2019

Josef Pinkava – The Best Years of My Life

Josef Pinkava – The Best Years of My Life - opening of the exhibition and a discussion which was led by film historian and publicist Pavel Taussig and his guests. The exhibition includes a set of unedited photographs and clips from Josef Pinkava's films, one of the pioneers of films for children and youth, e.g. Holidays with Mina, Chubby, and I Wouldn't Leave Tereza for Any Other Girl. The exhibition will last until June 16.

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