28/5 — 1/6 & 9 — 15/9/2021
61st International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
  • The Crossing
    The Crossing
    Golden Slipper - for the Best Feature Film for Children

    Country: NOR
    Year: 2020
    Directed by: Johanne Helgeland
  • Life without Sara Amat
    Life without Sara Amat
    Golden Slipper - for the Best Feature Film for Youth

    Country: SPA
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Laura Jo
  • The Bird & the Whale
    The Bird & the Whale
    Golden Slipper - for the Best Animated Film

    Country: IRL
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Carol Freeman
  • Nevia
    The Europe Award - for the Best European First Film

    Country: ITA
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Nunzia De Stefano
  • Last Children of Paradise
    Last Children of Paradise
    Main Prize for the TOP Film of Zlín Dog

    Country: GER
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Anna Roller
  • H is for Happiness
    H is for Happiness
    Jury Prize for Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children Wesley Patten for the role of Douglas Benson from Another Dimension
    Country: AUS
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: John Sheedy
  • Perfect 10
    Perfect 10
    Jury Prize for Best Youth Performance in a Feature Film for Youth Frankie Box for the role of Leigh
    Country: GBR
    Year: 2019
    Directed by: Eva Riley
  • The Witch & the Baby
    The Witch & the Baby
    Hermína Týrlová Award - for Best Short Animated Film for Children up to 6 Years of Age
    Country: RUS
    Year: 2020
    Directed by: Evgenia Golubeva
  • Into the Beat
    Into the Beat
    Golden Apple – The City of Zlín Audience Award - for Best Feature Film for Children and Youth
    Country: GER
    Year: 2020
    Directed by: Stefan Westerwelle
  • Forward
    ECFA Doc Award for Best European Documentary for Young Audience
    Country: FRA
    Year: 2020
    Directed by: Gilles de Maistre

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26. 2. 2021

The 61st Zlín Film Festival has announced it visual style and planned form for this year.

Today at the Film Studios in Zlín, the organizers of the Zlín Film Festival unveiled the new project logo, the visual style of this year's festival and the planned form of its 61st year. Following the main theme of "Literature in Film", the central motif of the visual is again a digi-icon, this time connecting "Mr. Camera" and "Mrs. Book", whose joining gives rise to a new film. The festival is planned to take place in parts – in the spring from May 28 to June 1 and in the autumn from September 9 to 15, 2021.

12. 9. 2020

Why THE PACK is an important film for Czech audiences? We asked the teenagers and producers

The city of Zlin might represent one of the strongest cinematic traditions in the country, but never before we saw the city so outspoken as location for a Czech live action feature as in THE PACK. We wanted to find out what this film really means for local youngsters. What is the opinion of the true target audience, and how much does this film represent the lives of Czech teenagers today? The festival is the perfect occasion to meet with 14-year-old pupils from the Sports Academy, and producers Julietta Sichel and Jan Froněk (8Heads Productions).

11. 9. 2020

New festival blog by Gert = BLOGert

Do you want to know about all the juicy details happening in the festival? Then why don't you catch up with Gert, our Zlin festival reporter? (no, not the garbage bin on the left, but the nice guy on the right).

11. 9. 2020


The results of the decisions of all festival juries and their statements can be found here.

10. 9. 2020


The jubilee 60th edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth is slowly coming to an end. The juries have seen all films in the competition and chose the winners. This year's festival theme was "2020: Back to the Future" and in addition to commemorating its history, the festival focused on science fiction, science and technology. On an unusual date between September 4 and September 10, 315 films from 50 countries were screened in Zlín. The winners of the Golden Slippers are the Norwegian film The Crossing, the Spanish film Life Without Sara Amat and the Irish animated film The Bird & the Whale.

10. 9. 2020

Eva Cools on CLEO “There is a lot of beauty in human failure”

The great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov was a versatile man, he adored not only his family and the splendour of nature, but also... fast cars. Fortunately, Cleo is not aware of this trivial fact. Because Rachmaninov's music is one of the few things that still gives her comfort since she lost both her parents in a traffic accident. Now the 17-year-old girl is terrified of cars. In her own somewhat stiff way, her grandmother Bobonne offers Cleo a warm home, but she ends up bearing the brunt of a rebellious teenager. Then Cleo crosses paths with Leos. He is a bit older, not unattractive, and a strange but warm bond grows between the two.

9. 9. 2020

Benjamin Parent on MAN UP! Jacket-in-a-box

Wherever Tom goes, his older brother Leo is  going with him. At school, on the sports field or hanging out with girls, Leo is always there to protect and guide him, like a guardian angel. But who is this Leo? Is there no crack to find in his seemingly perfect façade? How to grow from under the wings of your brother, especially when they’re like angel wings? That is a question that French director Benjamin Parent confronts you with in MAN UP!, a film full of surprises.

8. 9. 2020

Nunzia De Stefano on NEVIA “A matriarchal community with laws made by men”

Seventeen-year-old Nevia has a lot to escape from. Like living in the Ponticelli suburb of Naples, and feeling responsible for her little sister that she loves so much, and preparing for a life in a world where men make the rules but are not ready to bear the consequences. “Here, being born a woman is a disgrace,” is a lesson that Nevia has learned at a young age. Then the circus comes to town, bringing along big dreams of freedom and wild animals and wide-open roads towards the future. On this promenade through the slums of a chaotic city, debuting director Nunzia De Stefano is the perfect tour guide, who knows all the details of the lives lived here and the people living them.

7. 9. 2020

Maria Veijalainen on DIVA OF FINLAND “Ruthless shoplifting in local shopping malls”

This should become the best year of Henna's life: she just got her driving license, she only has to pass one more year at school, and then she'll be ready to escape from this small, suffocating Finnish town. Until a new girl enters the scene and shakes the fragile balance in a group of young girls, turning the school into an arena for rivalry, power struggles and pure jealousy. Henna is – literally – blinded by envy and temporarily loses her eyesight. On New Year's Eve, the situation escalates... Maria Veijalainen named her debut film after a musical reality show but the rivalry between two best enemies goes much further than any singing competition.



Gert Hermans

As communication officer for ECFA he is chief editor of two leading news platforms for the children’s film industry: the ECFA Journal online magazine and the ECFA Update. He was involved in various surveys and publications on children’s film and media, and served in festival juries and panels in Belgium and abroad. Gert Hermans, has been working in children’s film distribution, content marketing, and publishing for Jekino, a company with a long tradition in children’s film for many years.

22. 1. 2021

Day 7 – Thursday 10 September - Five penguins in a car

It is mainly during the more ceremonial moments that you notice how this year’s festival is a low-profile edition. But the minimal number of invitees adds a new dimension to the event: never before have so many employees brought their fiancé, their spouse or their children to the festival, thus offering a modest insight into the personal lives of people you normally only meet under professional circumstances.

22. 1. 2021

Day 6 – Wednesday 9 September - Czech = Central European French

Bring five men together in a festival context and immediately you have the impression you’re looking at a bunch of kids on a school trip. But take five men to a hospital for a Covid-test, and immediately it feels like the yearly medical school check-up that I remember from my childhood. But with more fun!

22. 1. 2021

Interview with the International Expert Jury for Feature Films for Children & Youth - “Finally getting away from that dishwasher”

There is one jury in this festival in which so much expertise is gathered, that they could easily be described as “the jury from another dimension”. Awards have been decided by now, so Jiri Konecny, Louise Højgaard Johansen, Judit Bardos, Alexandre Dupont-Geisselmann and Felix Vanginderhuysen presume I might be fishing for the results. But I am mainly after a totally different type of information. They have the longest names of all festival juries and the longest CV’s attached to it – Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you “The International Jury”.

22. 1. 2021

Interview with the International Expert Jury for Animated Films for Children - “A wolf driving a Harley Davidson”

 Leaving the congress centre after the interview, I’m walking down the stairs with Martin Vandas, producer of animated films, and I see how Katariina Lillqvist and Noro Drziak go the wrong direction and manage to get lost in 5 seconds. That is no coincidence. They are both animators. Animators in general can get lost quite easily in buildings, and in their own thoughts and fantasies. Especially for me, they stayed focussed all the time doing the interview. Ladies & gentlemen, I proudly present you, Martin, Katarina and Noro, aka the “Zlin Animation Jury”.

22. 1. 2021

Interview with the International Jury for Student Films - “Scaring all the cats and dogs in town”

The Zlin Dog is a street dog! As a competition for student films, it might stand a bit aside from the regular programme, but it often attracts among the most interesting films and filmmakers. Jury members Marta Jodko, Martin Kotik and Angelos Kovotsos definitely don’t look like street dogs, they are fast as a greyhound, proud as a poodle, smart as a Labrador, determinate as a Pitbull and loyal to the bone. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the “Zlin Dog Jury”. 

15. 1. 2021

Day 5 – Tuesday 8 September - Can I be your Ringo?

Don’t you underestimate the influence of what is published on festival blogs. This morning Felix finds a little flower bouquet under the windshield of his car. He is totally convinced that is due to the status given to the Mustang in this blog. This is extremely flattering for both him and me.

15. 1. 2021

Day 4 – Monday 7 September - Ice hockey or football?

A promise made late at night, still should be kept the next morning. Even though I was a bit overconfident last night when I promised to find out exactly how relevant THE PACK is for Czech teenagers, I show up in the cinema one hour early - unfortunately that detail had slipped my mind since last night – to address the young audience together with producer Julietta Sichel. Surprisingly enough it will be one of this year’s most satisfying festival experiences.

15. 1. 2021

Day 3 – Sunday 6 September - Guardian angel of the day award

I have this notebook at home for collecting promising projects and production rumours. Somewhere in the middle of that book, on the bottom of a right page, is a note that says: HUNGRY BEAR TALES – follow up closely! This morning, five years after I took that note, I find myself in the cinema surrounded by a bunch of very young visitors watching the Hungry Bears compilation programme. It’s such a pleasure when plans finally become reality, and even exceed my high expectations.

15. 1. 2021

Day 2 – Saturday 5 September - Soap and slivovitz

You thought injecting disinfectant was the craziest proposal you already heard? In Zlin they go one step further. Rumour has it that the hand cleaning sets in the congress centre are filled with pure slivovitz. If it smells like slivovitz, looks like slivovitz and tastes like slivovitz, it probably is slivovitz? And then again, why not? In every festival edition in Zlin I’ve seen strong festival bacteria successfully being drowned in the local liquor.


3. 9. 2020

Bonus story: YOU ARE OUR STARS!

The Zlín Film Festival would not exist without you, our audiences! You help us create! You inspire us! You create the best festival atmosphere! You support the art of film! We would like to thank everyone for your support and at the same time invite you to a retrospective exhibition of crowd photographs of 60 years together, which will open on May 29, on the date of the original opening of the 60th ZFF. Maybe you will even find yourself there.

2. 9. 2020


In 2004, Petr Koliha, the director of the films Tender Barbarian and Bringing up Girls in Bohemia, joined the festival team. As artistic director, he opened the way for the festival to join international professional institutions such as ECFA. His participation in the juries of world friendly festivals contributed to the current concept of the Zlín Film Festival as a place for annual meetings of their representatives. In 2012, he became the executive director of the new television channel for children called ČT: D.

31. 8. 2020


The Zlín Film Festival is the largest and oldest event for children and youth in the world. Behind its success and prestige is a team of people who, every year, try to fill the festival days with joy and the family atmosphere the Zlín festival is famous for. Countless members of this huge colossus have passed through the offices on Kudlov Hill during the festival. Some for a short time and some chosen and persevering for more than ten or even twenty years.

30. 8. 2020


Karel Gott enjoyed going to the Zlín festival very much. However, few people know that his connection with Zlín film dates back much earlier. In 1963, the children's film by Zlín director Josef Pinkava Holidays with Minka was released in cinemas, which was the first film to feature a song by Karel Gott.

29. 8. 2020


Right after the celebration of the 50th year of the festival in 2011, the organizing center of the Academia Center of Tomas Bata University moved to the newly built Congress Center, designed by the world-famous Zlín native Eva Jiřičná. The beauty of the large hall can be admired by festival visitors at the beginning and end of the festival, at the Gala Evening with the award ceremony, at the auction of film clapperboards, or other concerts and exceptional meetings with Czech actors and artists. The congress center also serves to promote the festival as exceptional photographs are taken of stars on the red carpet or at Gahur's Prospect. Last but not least, during May it also becomes an exhibition of billboards for films in the main competitions.

28. 8. 2020


The most beautiful gift for the 50th Zlín Film Festival in 2010 was the knightly visit by Sir Christopher Lee. "It was the most marvellous experience to attend the Zlín Film Festival. It was such an interesting event, so well organized. The professionalism, together with everybody's hospitality and charm, made it a very unique experience. It doesn't surprise me that it has lasted for so many years! I wish you success in the coming years."

27. 8. 2020


The film festival cannot do without film stars. The stars of Zlín cannot do without Míla Řádová, an assistant to film stars, whose rich portfolio includes working with such stars as Sean Connery, Miloš Forman, Jiří Menzel, Jon Voight, and Barbara Streisand. She shot the film Yentl with the latter in Prague and they have had a long-term friendship, which is remembered at every European concert by the famous actress and singer. 

26. 8. 2020


The Zlín Clapperboard Salon is a unique project that has been an integral part of the Zlín Film Festival since 1998 and it has been supporting the most talented fledgeling filmmakers the entire time. Over the 21 years of its existence, the Clapperboard Salon has produced exactly 2492 clapperboards, which have been auctioned off for a total of CZK 35,588,600 (€1,336,803). More than 350 film projects have been supported from the proceeds of the auctions. Each year, as original works of art, the film clapperboards are admired not only by the public, but also by festival guests.

25. 8. 2020


The 5th annual Zlín Festival in 1965 could be proud of the word international in its title. Films from 23 countries (from the USA, Canada, Cuba, the USSR, Great Britain, Pakistan, the Netherlands, etc.) arrived here. More than 100 foreign guests took part. The festival even prepared an exhibition called Czechoslovak Film for Children and Youth in the Liberated Homeland. The symposium What is Film Art for Children and Youth was held. The awards were decided by the jury of CIDALC (International Committee for the Dissemination of Art and Literature through Film). The Golden Slipper was awarded as the main prize for the first time!

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1. 3. 2021

The 61st Zlín Film Festival has announced it visual style and planned form for this year. Its theme will be literature in film

The organizers of the Zlín Film Festival unveiled the new project logo, the visual style of this year's festival and the planned form of its 61st year. Following the main theme of "Literature in Film", the central motif of the visual is again a digi-icon, this time connecting "Mr. Camera" and "Mrs. Book", whose joining gives rise to a new film. The festival is planned to take place in parts – in the spring from May 28 to June 1 and in the autumn from September 9 to 15, 2021.

10. 9. 2020

Top moments of the 7th festival day

The seventh day was the final one for this year's jubilee Zlín Film Festival. Take a look at our photo gallery of what happened.

10. 9. 2020

What's going on at the gala evening outside of the live broadcast?

Of course, there is a lot going on - for example, the arrival of festival guests on the red carpet is very popular and our photographers must not be missed. At the end of the official part of the gala evening comes the less formal one - good food and drink in pleasant company. Although the closing party could not be as spectacular as we originally intended to celebrate the 60th anniversary, we are glad that we celebrated the round anniversary together with you with dignity and joy.

10. 9. 2020

The gala evening took the audience into the future

At the final gala evening, Jan Čenský and his robotic assistant announced the main festival awards. Representatives of foreign films could not attend this year, so the awards were teleported to them in various ways during the broadcast. Czech actress Eliška Balzerová received the Golden Slipper for her extraordinary contribution to cinema for children and young people.

10. 9. 2020

Final press conference

Eliška Balzerová also took part in the final press conference, which was awarded the Golden Slipper for her extraordinary contribution to cinema for children and young people. Representatives of the individual juries presented their final statements and the festival management evaluated its course. Information and a detailed press release can be found in the news and press releases section of the festival website.

9. 9. 2020

Top moments of the 6th festival day

On the sixth day at the Zlín Film Festival - concert by Jaroslav Uhlíř took place near the chateau, followed by a performance by Barbora Poláková with the band and Martin Hrdinka's disco. Boris Masník lectured on film tricks and effects. The conference block intended for pedagogical experts Children without Borders also continued.

9. 9. 2020

This year's festival juries

This year, the competition films are judged by experts and children's jurors from the Czech Republic, as well as from other countries around the world. This year, due to the situation around COVID-19, we selected foreign jurors mainly from the ranks of professionals living permanently in our country or in Slovakia. The Czech Republic is represented, for example, by feature and documentary film producer Jiří Konečný, who, together with Slovak actress Judit Bárdos and other jurors from Denmark, Belgium and Germany, evaluates films for children and young people. The jury for European debuts includes, for example, the Czech writer and author of plays Petra Hůlová or the Slovak director and screenwriter Ivan Ostrochovský and, of course, many others.

8. 9. 2020

Top moments of the 5th festival day

The fifth day of the festival was marked by the stars on the Walk of Fame. Two new ones were revealed to Czech actors Jiří Mádl and Vojta Kotek. Another tradition followed - Painting on the sidewalk at the Grand Cinema, the oldest accompanying event of the festival. A series of film lectures continued, this time on film effects or festival jingles. The conference block Children without Borders was prepared for pedagogical experts.

8. 9. 2020

The new stars on the Walk of Fame belong to Vojta Kotek and Jirka Mádl

Newly placed stars on the Walk of Fame belong to Jiří Mádl and Vojta Kotek this year, the stars are unveiled every year in cooperation with the Kapka naděje. Both actors also received the so-called "Star Doctorate" from the Rector of TBU in Zlín, Vladimír Sedlařík.

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