30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
7. 6. 2023

The Golden Slipper Was Awarded to Zlata Adamovská

Eliška in the TV series Ambulance, bar singer Eva Adamová in the legendary Cases for Father Knox, the queen in the fairy tale Inferno with the Princess or the fresh and energetic widow in Women on the Run. This is Zlata Adamovská, a popular Czech actress who received the Golden Slipper for her for her outstanding contribution to cinematography for children and youth at the closing gala of the festival today.

She received the Golden Slipper statuette from the festival director Čestmir Vančura. Together with actor and presenter Pavel Nový, who received the award during the opening ceremony of the festival, they became the next recipients of this honourable award.

The actress was moved to tears by the standing ovation of the packed hall. "I act to make you happy. And now you have made me incredibly happy," she said while accepting the golden statuette. "I thought these awards are given at the end of a career, but I promise you I am not done yet," she assured those present in the hall and the audience near the television. "I will not let the statuette out of my hand today, " she added with a smile.


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