30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
7. 6. 2023

The 63rd Zlín Film Festival is over. Thank you all!

The 63rd Zlín Film Festival is over. From June 1 to 7, this year 63rd Zlín Film Festival for Children and Youth presented a total of 132 films in competition. The expert and children's juries have already given their verdict; they have selected the best films and awarded the Golden Slippers to What the Finn?! - A Summer of Surprises, Scrapper, Delegation, and Crab. Czech actress Zlata Adamovská received the Golden Slipper for her outstanding contribution to cinematography for children and youth from the hands of Zlín Film Festival President Čestmír Vančura.

The Zlín festival is not only about films, but also about the overall atmosphere that always takes over the whole town. "We are glad that we again managed to prepare an attractive program in Zlín. One that attracted both young and old visitors. We were pleased to see the cinema halls, parks, streets and squares filled up," said Čestmír Vančura. "The weather was more favourable in the first half of the year, after a beautiful weekend we had rainy days, but people still found their way to us." 


Audience interest was also confirmed by the attendance figures. The festival welcomed 2,763 accredited guests. "23,000 moviegoers came to the cinemas to see the films in the first six days of the festival. The supporting program attracted over a hundred thousand people during the whole week," confirmed the executive director Jarmila Záhorová. A new even this year was the talk show series Life’s Like That, where celebrities open up about their lives.  


Zlín is traditionally a destination for school trips during the festival period. "This year we were visited by 627 school groups, 49 of them from schools outside Zlín. Almost 2,200 children took part in the film and other workshops," added Jarmila Záhorová. 


The festival offered audiences films from traditional and non-traditional countries, from Norway to Canada to Peru and Qatar. "For the first time ever, people could watch our screenings in Prague's Atlas cinema," said artistic director Markéta Pášmová. 


The Mikulov Echoes will be the definitive finale of this year's festival from June 13 to 15. Visitors can look forward to he 64th Zlín Film Festival from Thursday, May 30 to Wednesday, June 5 2024.  


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