30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
3. 6. 2023

Zlín Industry Days 2023: Programme tips

Interesting conferences, presentations, opportunities for informal meetings, exchange of opinions and experiences - this is the section of Zlín Industry Days 2023, which started on Friday. This day was dedicated to presentations of the advancing film projects of students and young emerging filmmakers who applied for financial support from the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Foundation Fund. The professional programme continues today and tomorrow, focusing on the development of audiovisual content for children and young people. 

Saturday will offer, among other things, a presentation of Contemporary Czech literature for children and youth as a source for film. 

The books are presented by their authors and the program is accompanied by journalist and literary and film critic Pavel Mandys, co-founder and co-
organizer of the annual Magnesia Litera Book Awards. The selection would be designed to offer ideas for both feature and animated films, including short ones. Designed for all filmmakers looking for quality and interesting material for children and youth.


Visitors will be able to take a look into the famous film history of the Zlín city during the presentation block Zlín, City of Film mapping the opportunities for filming in the Zlín region and looking back at its glorious history through modern technologies.

For film professionals, there will also be a special debate on Saturday focused on contemporary European production for teenage audiences, i.e. young adult production. "The panelists from the ranks of TV and series producers will be looking for answers to the questions of what topics are trending in the Gen Z generation or how to reach young viewers in the age of TikTok and streaming wars," invited Markéta Pášmová, the festival's artistic director. 

The debate is moderated by Jana Čížkovská, dramaturg of acquisitions for Czech Television, festival curator, and film publicist.


On Sunday the eighth year of the international conference Cinema Off School will focus on the issue of the need for a film education textbook and the various authorial and methodological approaches and uses.  The conference will also include a presentation of the Filmouka guide, which is currently being prepared by the Association for Film and Audiovisual Education and which is the first of its kind in our country.



Sunday 4th:

Festival Community: Open mic session

Open meeting of representatives of film festivals from abroad and from the Czech Republic. It serves to develop international festival networks, as well as to discuss topics that bring festivals together and deepen their collaboration. The meeting will include an open mic session and a presentation of upcoming Czech short films for children and young people.

Check the Czechs: Work in Progress

Presentation of four Czech short films for children and youth in the post-production phase. The presentation is intended primarily for representatives of film festivals. The presented films were created with the support of the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Foundation.

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