30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
10. 5. 2023

Zlín Film Festival Will Award Zlata Adamovská and Pavel Nový with the Golden Slipper This Year

The Golden Slipper will be awarded in Zlín to actor Pavel Nový at the start of the festival and to actress Zlata Adamovská at the end. 

One of the animated characters of opening film for children Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light  is voiced by actor Pavel Nový, who will be awarded the Golden Slipper award for his lifetime contribution to cinema for children and youth by the festival president later that evening.

"I feel honoured, so the pleasure is all mine,"

reacted Pavel Nový to the news of the award, adding that he is definitely not finished with his work for children:

"After all, I should be making another children's film this summer in which I will be a mysterious figure at the beginning."

The prizes will be awarded during the closing gala evening on Wednesday, June 7. The second Golden Slipper from the festival president will be presented to actress and film representative

Zlata Adamovská, who has also starred in a number of films for young people and in fairy tales such as The Prince and the Evening Star, Hell with the Princess, The Christmas Star, The Crown Prince, and more. Zlata Adamovská reacted to the organizers' decision with slight embarrassment.

“I'm not sure I deserve such an award. But at the same time I was of course delighted that it would be at the much-loved festival in Zlín."

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