1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
23. 1. 2023

We Thank Our Partners

We would like to thank the companies Kovárna VIVA, a.s., Škoda Auto a.s., Monet +, a.s., the new titular partner of the family-run - RBP Health Insurance Company, as well as the other partners of the Zlín Film Festival for sharing the same values ​​with us, supporting us in our endeavours and who have already signed cooperation agreements with us for 2023.


Kovárna VIVA, a.s. has been an important part of the festival event as a general partner since 2016. We are glad that it stands by us and participates in the festival event in all its diversity.


Škoda Auto a.s. has been with us at the festival for 21 years. It provides comfortable transport for festival guests with the most modern ŠKODA cars. Throughout its day, it allows young and old visitors a fun insight into the world of safe motoring.


Without company Monet+, the festival half-marathon would not be what it is. We are pleased that it is joining the organization of the festival and also that this most important running event in the region has been named after Monet+ for 7 years.


This year, the largest regional employee health insurance company RBP expanded the number of festival partners and became the titular partner of the family-run. We welcome this company to "our festival family" and believe that this connection will bring a lot of running and other experiences.


We are currently adjusting the terms of cooperation with other commercial and media partners as well. Big thanks to everyone who trusted and still trusts our project and supports our festival and the festival half-marathon.









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