25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
26. 4. 2022

Comic Book Bubbles Come Alive in a New Festival Title Sequence

Playful, colorful and imaginative - this is our new animated theme. Comic book bubbles come to life made of materials such as plasticine, paper, textiles, and even metal cuttings. See how the 62nd year of the festival will be kicked off next month.

The authors of the new sequence are the artists Zuzana Oharek Bahulová and Miroslava Bittnerová, who included the main symbol of this year's visual - a communication bubble in many forms and configurations. This  symbolises our main endeavour: to encourage people to communicate with each other in person. The background music comes from the workshop of Prokop Holoubek, with whom the festival has collaborated in the past. Michal Baránek is responsible for post-production and editing.

"Just as every child speaks a different language and yet understands each other, animators use different animated techniques and yet the stories are understandable. In the video sequence, we use a whole range of materials to make it playful and colorful. The individual materials then form bubbles, which are a symbol of this year's festival."

says Zuzana Oharek Bahulová, describing this year's title sequence. The first thing the viewer will see are the figures whose silhouettes are based on the characters that were typical for the Zlín Film Festival in the past. However, each of the characters speaks a different language. They are then transformed into “comic bubbles”. Plasticine is ideal for this. Suddenly, there's a chain reaction in which the bubbles change shape and material... Just check it out on our YouTube channel!


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