24. 7. 2020

Story Nr. 36: OUR FAITHFUL

There are several Czech actors and artists who used to be guests of the festival every year and there are those who still are. We will never forget the numerous visits by directors Vojtěch Jasný, Juraj Herz, and Václav Vorlíček.

 Jiřina Bohdalová, Jan Potměšil, Arnošt Goldflam, Pavel Nový, Anna Geislerová, and Danica Jurčová from Slovakia can be proud to be of the Order of the Loyal Fan of the Zlín Festival.

"Dear ones, we and our children are enthusiastic 'film buffs' and we truly thank you for the opportunity to be in Zlín at the festival and see so many films! Our son Otík doesn't miss any opportunity to see a good film here; he's eager to discuss the qualities of the films he's seen with us. He also loves seeking out archival films in Zlín, so he's slowly becoming an expert and a 'secret' jury member representing our family. And so we are looking forward to it, and if there is an opportunity, we will be happy to come again!"

This was the greeting once left to us by a great film fan, Arnošt Goldflam.