28. 5. 2018

Interview with festival Young Star Josh Wiggins

Walking Out is cold, intense, strenuous, fun and cold again ... read more.

Can you tell me more about yourself?

I’m just a normal kid from Texas who loves watching football.


Who is your role model?

My role model career wise has always been DiCaprio. The roles he has chosen throughout his career is something all actors should try to emulate.


Which interesting book have you read / film have you seen lately?

I read a book called Dark Matter recently and it blew my mind. It’s a plot driven story that revolves around Quantum Theory, which is basically parallel dimensions.


Do you remember your very first film in the cinema?

One of the very first films I remember seeing is Monsters inc. which terrified me. I’m pretty sure I was hiding my eyes the whole time.


Can you describe Walking Out using one sentence?

Walking out is an intimate epic revolved around the relationship between an estranged father and son…with a bear involved.


Can you describe your experience using five words?

Cold. Intense. Strenuous. Fun. Cold.


Walking Out is a kind of rite of passage. Was it also for your Josh the actor rite of passage? I mean it must have been quite demanding shooting due to all the snow, cold,… The directors said in Sundance that you carried Matt for a distance of 10 miles.

I definitely wear what I did as sort of a badge of honor. It was very intense and it makes all other films seem like a cakewalk in comparison.


You come from Texas. Have you ever experience this hunting ritual? Is it common in Texas?

I have certainly hunted a few times but never as seriously as David and Cal in the story.


Beside Walking Out you are going to introduce also one of your last films The Bachelors here in Zlín. Again it is a father-son relationship story but here without the adventure and action. What was it like to shoot with J.K.Simmons and Julie Delpy?

It was awesome shooting with Simmons and Delpy. Very professional, very fun to be around.


Variety wrote about your debut performance in Hellion: Newcomer Josh Wiggins steals the show. A stunning breakthrough performance. You made a great impression for your debut. You were sixteen at that time. Since than every year you made one or two films. Which of these roles is the closest to you or which one was really hard to play?

The Bachelors was definitely important to me because I could relate to the pain of losing a close family member. That’s one role that was very cathartic to live.