4. 5. 2018


The 58th edition of the Zlín Film Festival will take place this year from 25 May to 2 June and, with approaching centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, it will be devoted to Czechoslovak film. Austria is among the European states celebrating a hundred years of its independence. The film festival will therefore also focus on this country and its cinematography.

The Trip to Austria section will feature the screenings of fifteen Austrian feature films for children and young people. Bernd Neuburger will personally present his three films Holiday with Silvester, Lisa and the Sabre-Toothed Tigers and Mozart in China, for which Zdeněk Merta composed music. The festival will honour Christine Nöstlinger, a well-known Austrian author of children's books, with three films – a child adventure The Three Postal Robbers, Villa Henriette, a story for girls about an unusual house, and an autobiographical film Fly Away Home, brought to Zlín by Zita Gaier, appearing in the lead role, together with her brother Enzo Gaier, who will remember his role of Mika in the film The Horse on the Balcony, directed by the German director Hüseyin Tabak, this year's member of the International Expert Jury for Films for Children and Youth. This "film" family will be complemented by the young actor Abdulkadir Tuncer, who in 2012 attracted attention in the role of the twelve-year-old Veysel in Tabak‘s drama Your Beauty is Worth Nothing. Apart from the director Tabak, the international jury will feature the prominent Austrian producer Katja Dor, who will also personally introduce the children's film Karo and God Himself as well as the already mentioned films Villa Henriette and The Horse on the Balcony, for which was the producer. The Zlín festival will also feature the first screening of Breathing, the debut of the famous Austrian actor Karel Markovics, who visited the festival in 2014. The latest Austrian productions will feature L'Animale, Seventeen and Centre of My World.

Austria will also be represented in the International Competition of Feature European Debuts and in the ECFA Doc Award. Adriano Goiginger's The Best of All Worlds will compete another nine films compete for the Europa award and the music and social documentary Kinders, directed by Arash and Arman T. Riah, will try to win the first ECFA Doc Award in the history of the Zlín Festival.

The showcase of Austrian film is supported by Austrian Embassy in the Czech Republic and was organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague and the Vienna International Children's Film Festival. 

List of films:

Holiday with Silvester (Ferien mit Silvester, 1990, dir. Bernd Neuburger)
Bernd Neuburger will be the guest of 58th ZFF

Lisa and the Sabre-Toothed Tigers (Lisa und die Säbelzahntiger, 1995, dir. Bernd Neuburger)
Bernd Neuburger will be the guest of 58th ZFF

The Three Postal Robbers (Die 3 Posträuber, 1998, dir. Andreas Prochaska)
Twinni (Twinni, 2003, dir. Ulrike Schweiger)

Villa Henriette (Villa Henriette, 2004, dir. Peter Payer)
Katja Dor (member of the main jury) will be present

Karo and God Himself (Karo und der liebe Gott, 2006, dir. Danielle Proskar)
Katja Dor (member of the main jury) will be present

Mozart in China (Mozart in China, AUT/GER/CHN, 2008, dir. Bernd Neuburger)
Bernd Neuburger will be the guest of 58th ZFF

Breathing (Atmen, 2011, dir. Karl Markovics)

Your Beauty is Worth Nothing (Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert, AUT/TUR, 2012, dir. Hüseyin Tabak)
Delegation: Abdulkadir Tuncer (main actor), Hüseyin Tabak (director, member of the main jury)

The Horse on the Balcony (Das Pferd auf dem Balkon, 2012, dir. Hüseyin Tabak)
Delegation: Hüseyin Tabak (director, member of the main jury), Katja Dor (producer, member of the main jury), Enzo Gaier (main actor)

Macondo (Macondo, 2014, dir. Sudabeh Morteza)

Centre of My World (Die Mitte der Welt, AUT/GER, 2016, dir. Jakob M. Erwa)

Fly Away Home (Maikäfer Flieg, 2016, dir. Mirjam Unger)
Delagation: Zita Gaier (main actress), Lino Gaier (actor)

Seventeen (Siebzehn, 2017, dir. Monja Art)

L‘Animale (L‘Animale, 2018, dir. Katharina Mückstein)