30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
6. 3. 2018


Unique works of art created by leading Czech artists on film clapperboards will be on display at the European Parliament in Brussels April 23-24. This unique project has been an integral part of the supporting program of the Zlín Film Festival - International Film Festival for Children and Youth for twenty-one years. The event is taking place in cooperation with Member of the European Parliament Martina Dlabajová.

This year's exhibition in Brussels will be the only international stop where art lovers will be able to see this collection of more than 140 film clapperboards.

"The famous Zlín clapperboards are not only unique works of art. I would like to introduce my European colleagues to the interesting way the festival supports young filmmakers through the auction of the clapperboards. Without new filmmakers, European cinema would have no future,"

said M. Dlabajová, emphasizing the uniqueness of the project. This Zlín native also wants the Zlín Film Festival to find new interesting partners in Brussels.

The Clapperboard Salon's journey will end on May 27 in Zlín, where the auction of these extraordinary works of art will take place during this year's 58th Zlín Film Festival.

Kristian Kodet, Jiří Sliva, Ivan Baborak, Boris Jirka and other prominent Czech artists are among those who created these film clapperboards.

"No limits are placed on them in their work and they can freely use their own inspirations and fantasies,"

says chairman of the Board of Trustees of the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Foundation and president of Zlín Film Festival Čestmír Vančura. He adds that,

"Many of them often present film or children's motifs on their clapperboard, which are very popular and sought after among the bidders."

As they have been in previous years, the proceeds from the auction will be donated to support the film works of film school students and other fledgling filmmakers. On Monday morning of May 28, the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Endowment Fund will choose from among projects (exhibitions, documentary films, live-acted films and animated works) which will be supported thanks to this auction.

"In the 20 years of the Clapperboard Salon's existence, exactly 2222 artistically rendered film clapperboards have been created. This will be one of the main themes at the 57th year of the Zlín Film Festival. We'll also commemorate them with a unique publication called Film Clapperboard Salons 1998 – 2017 Zlín, which came out in November 15, 2017. This comprehensive book maps the individual years of this project in detail, includes a complete overview of every clapperboard created, provides comments by both artists and successful bidders for the clapperboards, and also presents over 350 projects that have been supported by the more than 30 million Czech crowns gained from the auctions of these works of art.


Mladá Boleslav (ŠKODA Museum) March 13 - March 23, 2018
Olomouc (Bohéma Gallery) March 26 - April 2, 2018
Prague (Hybernia Theater) April 4 - April 19, 2018
Brussels (European Parliament) April 23 - April 26, 2018
Brno (Galerie Dílo) April 30 - May 10, 2018
Zlín (Zlaté Jablko Shopping Centre) May 15 - May 23, 2018
Zlín (Congress Center) May 25 - May 27, 2018 

PUBLIC AUCTION May 27, 2018 / 1 pm Zlín - Congress Center

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