25. 2. 2013


Yes, this is the case. The Brazilian Kids Film Festival has expressed interest in cooperation with Zlín's festival.

Yes, this is the case. The Brazilian Kids Film Festival has expressed interest in cooperation with Zlín's festival.
Carolina Rigueira, who is in charge of their international programming, would like to bring Czech children's film productions to their festival. She was extremely interested in Journey to the Beginning of Time by Karel Zeman and his animated films. For the littlest of Brazilian children, she would like to prepare some short animated films from Hermína Týrlová. The BKFF takes place not only in Rio de Janeiro, but also in other Brazilian cities.

This is one of the outcomes of having representatives of ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL attend the 63rd Berlin Film Festival. The European Film Market is traditionally organized as part of the Berlin Film Festival and it is one of the top three most important film markets in the world. Films from all over the world are offered and purchased at this film "trade-fair". Meetings take place here between producers, buyers, distributors and many other professions and businesses, including film festivals.

ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL takes part at the Berlin Film Festival as an official partner of the Czech Film Center and, in addition to the Brazilian festival, took part in many other interesting discussions.

The International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin, which had its 5th annual festival in November 2012, is interested in cooperation and in exchanging experience. This festival is part of the Interfilm festival (a short film festival), which just celebrated its 28th anniversary. The Shorts & Docs Festival 2013 in ReykjavíkIn would like to cooperate with us in a similar fashion.

The dramaturge of the children's section of the Portuguese film festival, Rui Pereira, expressed great interest in cooperation and in the exchange of experience in the programming of children's films. In the future there will be a mutual exchange of tips based on what will have happened within Portuguese and Czech children's and youth film productions.

Among other meetings, there was one with the program director of the Moscow International Film Festival and with representatives of the Tokyo-Chofu Kinder Film Festival. The most exotic meeting was with the representatives of Mauritius, who would like to invite ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL during the setting up of their own film festival.

In addition to these and other meetings, there was also a pleasant encounter with the producer of the Bavaria Pictures company, Astrid Kahmke, who wanted to personally give thanks for receiving the main prize of the ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL for her film Death of a Superhero (Germany, Ireland, 2011, dir. Ian FitzGibbon) in 2012.