12. 4. 2013


The supporting programme of the 53rd ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL has already started!

The supporting programme of the 53rd ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL has already started! The first and currently ongoing is the traditional exhibition of this year’s MINISALON – FILM CLAPPERBOARDS collection. You will be able to come and admire around 120 artistically rendered wooden film clapperboards. All this in Divadlo Hybernia in Prague until 29th April.  This iconic stage, mostly known for musical theatre, is located on Náměstí Republiky and has been associated with MINISALON for several years. Hybernia is a venue with an incredible history and magical spirit in which the film clapperboards can be viewed not only by the theatre audience but the passing public too. Náměstí Republiky, with its Powder Tower and Art Nouveau masterpiece Municipal House, is a hot spot for tourist from around the globe. It is therefore quite common that the foyer of Hybernia Theatre is visited by guests who came to MINISALON specifically as well as by many passersby, foreign or local. The Cafe Hybernia is mainly frequented for its delicious coffee and relaxation, however, the added bonus of the film clapperboard exhibition takes the breath away of many unsuspecting visitors.

This collection of already the 16th MINISALON – FILM CLAPPERBOARDS will be relocated from the capital to Ostrava. Once upon a time Ostrava was the ‘’steel heart’’ of the Czech Republic but nowadays it is hugely culturally booming city. The CLAPPERBOARDS will be there in the first half of May and exhibited in Slezskoostravsky Hrad.

A further relocation of the MINISALON, this time to Zlín, will take place in the second half of May. The exhibition of the collection will continue in a shopping/entertainment mall Zlaté jablko. However, the most important part of the exhibition will be the auction of the CLAPPERBOARDS which traditionally takes place on Zlín festival Friday, this year 31st May. You can join the auction in person from 2pm in the auditorium of Academia Centre of University of Tomas Bata situated on Mostní Street.