1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Olivier Pairoux on the film SPACEBOY: “Me and my Rubik’s cube”

Olivier Pairoux talks about his film like a seasoned TV presenter… which he is! Full of enthusiasm, he talks about 12-year-old Jim, who is passionate about all things connected with space travel. His father is an astrophysicist who might soon take off...

Pavel Mirzoev about CALL ME BLACKBIRD: “I have not the slightest interest in villains”

I’ve never seen a country giving the same value to poetry as in Russia. It is the only country where a taxi driver once asked me after five minutes: Who is your favourite Russian poet? Whether it’s slam poetry on the streets, or rap lyrics, or the...

Anca Damian about MARONA’S FANTASTIC TALE: “My film is a like a sausage”

In her final moments, the adorable street dog Marona reflects upon her life. On the cute puppy she once was and on all the people she loved unconditionally: an acrobat, a construction worker, and a little girl who promised to always be there for her.

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