1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Cássio P. Santos on VALENTINA: “She's just a girl trying to fully live her life”

Tonight, Valentina wants to party until she drops, as tomorrow she’ll be leaving the city. Maybe moving to the countryside will help her escape from the obstacles she faces everywhere as a transgender teen in Brazil – with peers and grown-ups, in...

Yoichi Narita on FOLLOW THE LIGHT: “She can’t help but get angry.”

Endless rice fields, as far as the eye can see. They appear as geometrical shapes, criss-crossed by the straight lines of empty roads in a region where everybody seems to be moving away – to start a new life in the city. Amidst all these rigid shapes,...

Barbara Kronenberg on MISSION ULJA FUNK: “Comedy comes in many different disguises”

Ulja Funk… the name sounds different, cool, almost… funky. Which is not the first impression you get when meeting the film’s main character, a rather nerdy girl with a passion for astronomy and a habit of speaking her mind straightforwardly, directly...

Majid Majidi on SUN CHILDREN: “Dreams flying up in the sky like pigeons”

When you see 12-year-old Ali handling his business in the streets of Tehran, you’re looking at a boy who walks and talks like a grown man. He and his friends work and live like adults. One day they are hired for an important task; it is said that a...

Linda Hambäck on THE APE STAR: “Cheaper for the poor, expensive for the rich”

Jonna, a well-behaved orphan girl, dreams of finding a mother. That wish might come true when one day a gorilla comes knocking, asking to adopt her. The situation doesn’t seem ideal at first, but ultimately the two have great times together. The odd...

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