25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Ming Lian about ONLY TIME FOR LOVING: “The goose went on hunger strike”

A bus arrives in a small Chinese mountain village to drop off a fragile-looking young woman, the new teacher for the tiny village school. When one year later the bus returns, the lives of all her six pupils have drastically changed. During one school...

Seung-hwan Lee & Jae-wook Yoo about LIMECRIME: “Connected with the old-school hip-hop feel from our youth”

During a school music exam, Song-ju shows off his rapping skills; the teacher rewards him with an F. But on the other side of the classroom, Joo-yeon finally discovers a soulmate, someone who loves hip-hop as much as he does. While Song-ju is a troubled...

Interview GIRLS FOR FUTURE: “The impact of climate change is known to hit women harder”

In India, determined young Gagan does not shy away from any means to convince farmers of the need for organic farming.

Silje Salomonsen about SISTERS - THE SUMMER WE FOUND OUR SUPERPOWERS: “On the list were wings, a cape and a unicorn”

Vega, 9 years old, sets off on a hiking trip through the wilderness with her dad and little sister Billie. A blissful adventure, until Dad gets stuck in a rocky cleft. The sisters are sent off to seek help. Lost in the forest, left to their own devices,...

Marja Pyykkö about SIHJA, THE REBEL FAIRY: “A hoodie in a box“

Sihja, an outrageous young fairy, is surely one of a kind. When entering the life of Alfred, a shy and sensitive boy, she turns his whole world upside down. She messes up his room, scares off his friends and spits her milk all over the table. But even...

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