1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


Frederik Norgaard about MY ROBOT BROTHER: “I wanted people to feel welcome in a warm future”

School life sucks for 12-year-old Alberte. Her old android Robbi is quite an embarrassment to her. With the perfect birthday present – the newest model of humanoids – everything seems to change. The new robot Konrad looks and acts completely as if...

Camiel Schouwenaar and his BIGMAN

Dylan and Youssef are best friends, and football is all they dream about. When Dylan ends up in a wheelchair following an accident, he must come to terms with his new life. His dad – and former coach – wants him to accept his disability and keep football...

PETER BUDINSKY ABOUT JOURNEY TO YOURLAND: “Perfection in the imperfections”

The Slovak-Czech JOURNEY TO YOURLAND is a project ambitious in its storytelling and visual approach. Now the Zlin Film Festival is proud to have the animated feature premiering on its opening night. With warm congratulations to director Peter Budinsky...

Lee Ji Won on KIDS ARE FINE: “When the fence is broken, kids can grow up”

Da-yi’s mother is in the hospital. Why exactly? Da-yi doesn’t know, as his father hasn’t told him. In fact, he doesn’t tell him much at all. But when his mother is transferred to another hospital, Da-yi is determined to go and visit her, even...

Interview BANGLA SURF GIRLS: “If it tastes like sand, you have to clean it”

In Cox’s Bazar, at the Bangladesh coast, a young girl is riding the waves on her surfboard, all confidence and grace. “All my dreams are about surfing”, says Shobe. But those dreams might be different from the future that is awaiting her and her...

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