28/5 — 1/6 & 9 — 15/9/2021
61st International Film Festival
for Children and Youth


To make festival visitors and guests feel as comfortable as possible these new options for eating out, offering a variety of meals, drinks and snacks, are being prepared.

Festival Food Points

Food Points will be situated all around the city in the each of the festival zones. They will offer a wide range of food to suit everyone, including the youngest visitors. The opening hours of the food points will correspond with the opening hours of the particular zones and payments will be possible only with an electronic chip.

The top-up locations will be at all the food points as well as in the festival shops, where it will be possible to get a chip, manage your account and top it up by cash or debit/credit card. Any remaining credit will be refunded when you return your chip. Visitors who decide to keep the chip are welcome to do so and any remaining credit will be donated to charity.

More information about how to use the chip

Why use an electronic chip for payment?
It is fast, comfortable and practical. There’s no need to search for change.Simply scan your chip with each vendor.

What will my chip look like?
Your electronic wallet takes the form of a chip-equipped bracelet, which comes in lively festival colours. The deposit for each bracelet is 30Kc.

How to add credit and top-up the chip?
You can top-up your electronic credit using cash or your debit/credit card at designated top-up locations. When you top-up 1000Kc you will receive a little present and topping-up 2000Kc gets you a free ticket to the cinema.

How can I check the balance on my chip?
With any vendor or at a top-up location.

What about receipts?
You will receive a paper receipt every time you top-up your chip. (We recommend keeping them safe). The Internet link and the QR code on the receipt will allow you to keep an eye on your balance.

Where can I pay with my chip?
At all festival food points (on náměstí Míru, on Festival Street, in park Komenského, in the Enapo Concert Zone, in the Castle Zone), in the festival shops and our partner restaurants.

What about any unused credit?
Any unused credit, including the deposit, will be refunded in cash when you return the chip.

What will happen if I don’t return the chip?
You are welcome to keep the chip as a festival souvenir and any remaining credit will be donated to charity.

Festival restaurants

A special festival menu will be offered by our partner restaurants. Nearly all of them will, in addition to their standard menus, offer festival dishes for a fixed price of 100 – 150Kc, depending on the type of restaurant. The dishes will not only be available at lunch times and dinner times but also throughout the whole day until the late hours. At restaurants, unlike at Food Points, payments will be possible by either cash, card or chip.

List of the Food Points

For more information click here.

Festival restaurants:

Legenda Steak House
Pizzerie & bowling hotel Moskva
La Habana Zlín
Lobby bar hotel Moskva
Restaurace Bohemia
Restaurace Prime Beef, Hotel Baltaci Atrium
Expres Baltaci restaurace Zarámí
Restaurace U13
Restaurace Spirit – Kongresové centrum
Spirit bar – Kongresové centrum
Koliba U černého medvěda
Retro Zlín
Kozlovna Celnice
Happy coffee
Amici Pizza & Burgers
Tankovna Moskva
Faency Fries


Food Points:

Food Point náměstí Míru
Káva, limonády, koktejly, pivo.
Food Point park Komenského
Káva, limonády, koktejly, pivo.
Stripsy, hranolky, burgery. 
Bubble waffle (so-ne).
Food Point sad Svobody
Káva, limonády, pivo, panini, dezerty.