25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth

Zlín Dog – student films 55.ZFF

The international Zlín Dog competition presents the best international student works in the categories of animation, feature and documentary films. These student works from all over the world are then evaluated by a three-member expert jury.

About the Zlín Dog competition

In 2013, the organizers of the International Film Festival in Zlín decided to revive the idea of Zlín Dog, which, in the past, had been a successful independent student festival set up by Film School Zlín. Unfortunately, along with the demise of Film School Zlín, the festival disappeared as well. It is for this reason that the Zlín Film Festival has decided to bring back the festival as part of a completely new competitive film section focused on student films.Section is part of main film programme. 


Edmond (GBR, 2015, Nina Gantz)

Genre awards for 2015:

The best animation film Edmond (GBR, 2015, Nina Gantz)
The best live-action film Killing Auntie (PL, 2013, Mateusz Glowacki)
The best documentary film Don Quijote form Povazie (SK, 2014, Marek  Pupák)

Members of Zlín Dog jury for 2015:

  • Elena Del Moral (Spain)
  • Tali Barde (Germany)
  • Jakub Kouřil (Czech Republic, winner of Zlín Dog TOP film from 2014)

The year 2015 saw 1 200 films registered from all over the world and the 60 best were shown at ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL.

The list of all screened films.

Prizes and awards

Main Prize for the Best Film in each category – animation, live-action film, document, trailer.
Main Prize for the TOP Film of Zlín Dog with prize money of 1000 EURO.
Prize for the Best Students Trailer 360 EURO.

Design by David Valner + Tereza Kovaříková from studio Valner Glass s.r.o.

Film Delegations 2015


Best students trailer competition

Winner of this competition is voted by audience. All students trailers are on festival websites. Here is also possible vote for  the best trailer. The winner is known in front of begining Zlín Film Festival. Price for winner is 360 EURO.

The list of all trailers.


Once... in the middle of nowhere (Russia, 2014, Lisa Astretsova)
Trailer here


Katerina Fojtova
Zlin Film Festival
International student film competition - Zlin Dog
Filmova 174, Zlin, 761 79E: katerina.fojtova@zlinfest.cz

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