25/5 — 1/6/2022
62nd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth

Sports Day 2015

Sports Day is the largest sporting event festival in the Czech Republic and is organized for families with children from 3 to 18 years of age.

The 55th Zlín Film Festival is very proud to include Sports Day in the supporting program of the festival. This festival of sport will take place in Zlín on Friday, May 29th from 1pm to 8pm at four different places: the Sports Stadium for Youth (beside the city’s swimming pool), Tennis Hall Růmy (above the Stadium for Youth), in Sports Centre Maty and in the outdoor swimming pool (The city Spa). Many well known hockey players, footballers, athletes, and other world class sportsmen will participate in this special day. This entertaining sporting afternoon will also be a chance for children and youth to meet many popular actors, directors and singers.

Schedule of Events

  • Start of the festival at 1pm
  • Presentation of sports clubs
  • Opportunity to try different sports
  • Consultation with professionals, managers, trainers, sports psychologists and doctors
  • Interaction with well-known personalities in the field of sport
  • Sports and activities for the handicapped
  • Special station with radar to measure speed, kick, throw power
  • Supporting program and competitions
  • Musical performances during the afternoon
  • Many other fun and interesting activities
  • Refreshments available on the patio
  • Closing of the festival at 8pm

Our Aim

The main aim of Sports Day is to present the various fields of sports, to help sports clubs recruit new athletes and to help families choose the right sport for their children.
Project Sports Day is designed mainly for children from nursery and primary schools and gives children an opportunity to not only watch but also to try many different types of sport. Parents can meet specific coaches and gain information on different clubs. They will also be able to get valuable information about things related to sport from physiotherapists, sports physicians and a psychologist.

The visitors can look forward to interviews with prominent personalities from the world of sport, autograph sessions, performances and other activities.

The most important thing is a satisfied and happy child who will be able to find a sport they really like and one they can continue to play in the future.

What is the Difference?

Sports Day focuses only on sport and the many different options there are.
Families will get information from sports federations and professionals.
To present sports to handicapped children.
Very fun and interesting venues including a great supporting program.

Well-Known Guests

The visitors will have a chance to meet many well-known athletes and personalities, such as: Aleš Valenta, David Svoboda, Eva Samková, Kristýna Kolocová, Lukáš Bauer, Markéta Sluková, Martin Vaniak, Ondřej Rybář, Petr Bříza, Petr Koukal, Roman Kreuziger, Stanislav Řezáč and also Andrej Babiš, Olga Lounová or Jakub Kohák. 

History of the Sports Day Festival

In 2010, the idea came up to create a unique sports event for children. It was the project of the citizen’s association SC Bootcamps, which is led by founder Jakub Makalouš.
In 2014, this unique festival attracted more than 14 900 visitors. A very friendly atmosphere, interesting performances and presentations by 209 sports clubs and associations in three major cities (Prague, Ostrava and Plzeň) is the very reason for its tremendous success.
Sports Day has once again confirmed that when a child who is not involved in any sport activity comes to see and try all the possibilities, they will leave with an interest in some sports and become more active. 

Children need attention. This event helps sports clubs present their activities, which is especially important at a time of declining interest in sport. It is one of the most important events to help raise interest and attractively present sport” says Miroslav Jansta, chairman of the Czech Union of Sport.

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