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GALLERY: International delegations


GALLERY: The best of the 55th Zlín Film Festival

GALLERY: Film delegations

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Daily festival galleries:

Wednesday 03/06

GALLERY: Red carpet - Wednesday 03/06

GALLERY: Adolf Born

GALLERY: Every Czech reads to kids

Tuesday 02/06

GALLERY: Filmjournal - Tuesday 02/06

GALLERY: Red carpet - Tuesday 02/06

GALLERY: Walk of fame

GALLERY: Painting on the pavement

GALLERY: Baking with Unicef

GALLERY: Day with Czech television

GALLERY: Circus LeGrando

GALLERY: Train full of smiles

Monday 01/06

GALLERY: Child in Crisis workshop

GALLERY: Red carpet - Monday 01/06

GALLERY: Children's day with Radio Junior (Czech Radio)

GALLERY: Tour4Change 2015 - Black Horses

GALLERY: Every Czech reads to kids - Jan Potměšil and Vladimír Kratina

GALLERY: About family and hen: talk show by Halina Pawlowská and Ivo Šmoldas

GALLERY: Happy to Create - exhibition and competition winners' ceremony

Sunday 31/05

GALLERY: Filmjournal - Sunday 31/05

GALLERY: Red carpet - Sunday 31/05

GALLERY: Film clapperboards - public auction

GALLERY: Day with Czech television

GALLERY: Every Czech reads to kids

Saturday 30/05

GALLERY: Filmjournal - Saturday 30/05

GALLERY: Red carpet - Saturday 30/05

GALLERY: Enapo Day

Friday 29/05

GALLERY: Opening fireworks

GALLERY: Evening opening ceremony of the 55th ZFF

GALLERY: Red carpet - Friday 29/05

GALLERY: Friday entertainment for kids

GALLERY: Gedeon Burkhard

GALLERY: Finishing festival preparations and first official events

GALLERY: Film clapperboards - Zlaté Jablko Zlín 2015

GALLERY: Film clapperboards - Hybernia Praha 2015

GALLERY: Film clapperboards - ŠKODA Museum supporting programme 2015

GALLERY: Film clapperboards - ŠKODA Museum Mladá Boleslav 2015