1 — 7/6/2023
63rd International Film Festival
for Children and Youth



Walk of Fame with two new stars

Today, two more stars were unveiled in Zlín on the Walk of Fame in front of the Grand Cinema. This year the names of actors Barbora Seidlová and Jan Šťastný appear on stone tiles. 

Interview with Radivoje Andric and Klara Hrvanovic

Radivoje Andric and Klara Hrvanovic came to Zlín to introduce new family story How I Learned to Fly (2022).

Top moments of the 5th festival day

Great festival monday with great festival atmosphere!

Kids Kino Lab: International teams of beginnings filmmakers met in Zlín

How to develop a children’s film or series from the concept to highly advanced production phase? This creative know-how is offered to beginning filmmakers by a special international project Kids Kino Lab which this year also hosts the Zlin Film Festival...

Interview with Philip LaZebnik, American screenwriter

Philip LaZebnik is a screenwriter, playwrighter and screenwriting consultant. Originally associated with Disney Studios and Dream Works, his screenwriting credits include Mulan and Pocahontas for Disney, and The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado...

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