30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth



Photographers in front of and behind the curtain. That's the magic of moments

We are finishing. The oldest, largest and most important film festival of its kind in the world is entering its finale. The fans are going crazy, the atmosphere is growing. Our photo gallery will draw you into the festival events of the sixth day.

Stars on the carpet. The exotic Monteiro was also giving out smiles

Dancer Jessica Monteiro was one of the most striking figures on the red carpet today. Samuel Toman also came as a guest at the 63rd Zlín Film Festival, the star bearers of the Walk of Fame and other celebrities appeared. The parade of festival VIP guests...

Children without borders and Čestmír Strakatý. No scurvy

The credit of the journalist has decreased a lot in recent years. In a discussion with journalist Čestmír Strakatý today at the Children without Borders conference, Seznam Zpráv editor-in-chief Jiří Kubík said this. "The attitude of former president...

Two new stars on the Walk of Fame. Tereza Ramba and Jan Cina danced with joy in Zlín

Tereza Ramba and Jan Cina are a pair of actors whose names were added to the Walk of Fame in front of the Velký cinema in Zlín today. They received their tile as part of the 63rd Zlín Film Festival. This privilege is given every year to actors who...

The children of Nagano were shown today in a packed university auditorium

Perhaps the most outstanding Czech family film of recent years, Children of Nagano directed by Dan Pánek, is filling cinema halls in Zlín this year. Today, the audience had the opportunity to experience the penultimate projection in a slightly unconventional...

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