Short animations of all over the world

The international competition of short animated films for children introduces to its small spectators 62 films of all genres and film techniques from 24 countries of the world. France and Russia will have the largest representation. The most exotic countries...

The Witch Hunters were born in Serbia

The great surprise of this year's competition was for the festival dramaturgy the Serbian-Macedonian film, with the mysterious original name Zlogonje. Despite somewhat ominous name, it's not a horror or a thriller. It tells story about superhearts.

Festival day with Maestro Andrea Morricone

From the Congress Centre, from the main square, from the streets, and the parks. From here and from every quarter, film melodies will be part of the film festival. And film music itself is one of the main themes of this year's festival. For this occasion,...

Interview with festival Young Star Josh Wiggins

Walking Out is cold, intense, strenuous, fun and cold again ... read more.

Interviews with two film directors not only about football

Carlos Morelli and Widad Shafakoj in two interesting interviews.