Peter Machen says thanks to Zlín Film Festival

Golden Slipper - for the Best Feature Film for Youth:

Just Charlie (GBR, 2017), directed by Rebekah Fortune, scriptwriter Peter Machen

Video Message from Mohammed Almughanni

International Expert Jury for Student Films Zlín Dog:

Main Prize for the TOP Film of Zlín Dog with prize money of EUR 1000  - Shujayya (POL, PAL, 2015), directed by Mohammed Almughanni

Results list 57th Zlín Film Festival

Who was the winner?

Daniel Huttlestone says Thanks

Daniel Huttlestone holder of the Milos Macourek Award for Best Actor in the film for youth - for the role of Shay in the film London Town.

The 57th Zlin Film Festival knows its winners

The 57th International Film Festival for Children and Youth is coming to an end. The International Juries have watched all 152 films in competition and selected the winners of individual sections. The film and supporting program events literally took...