REGISTRATION is required to purchase tickets and enter the screening halls.
Tickets can be purchased online at or at festival box offices.
Movie tickets cannot be reserved.
Wearing face masks is mandatory indoors when the number of participants exceeds 100 people. When capacity is exceeded, service personnel will notify all visitors that it is mandatory to put on a face mask. 

Ticket price

Cinema admission: CZK 59
Admission to the open-air cinema:  CZK 79 


Children up to the age of 6 are free of charge (they must have their own ticket, which can only be picked up at the festival box office).
Holders of ZTP, ZTP/P cards (a disability ID) are entitled to a 50% discount. To obtain a disability discount, it is necessary to present a card at the box office. 

Advance sales

Film screenings are on sale from August 28, 2020, 9:00 am, at the Golden Apple Cinema and online at 

Festival period September 4-12, 2020 
Tickets can be purchased:

- online at,
- at a Festival Box Office,
- in Festival shops (see below).

By purchasing a ticket, the buyer agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of the festival organizer. 

Box offices

Box office opening hours

Advance ticket sales
28 / 8 – 3 / 9
4 – 10 / 9
11 – 12 / 9

Golden Apple Cinema box offices




The Congress Centre accreditation center - box offices




OZC Zlaté Jablko passage - cash register




Outdoor theater VIVA T.G.Masaryk Square - box office




Festival shop Soudní Street





1 – 3 / 9
4 – 10 / 9

Registration point Soudní Street



Outdoor theater VIVA T. G. Masaryk Square - registration



Online: or the Zlinfest mobile application


• Tickets can only be purchased with registration. Tickets are non-transferable.

• Film screenings are only accessible with valid registration and ticket (on a mobile device or printed). The cinema staff will check your registration and ticket.

• Have a face mask ready for indoor screenings. When capacity exceeds 100 people, service personnel will notify all visitors that it is mandatory to put on a face mask. 

• The organizer reserves the right to invite spectators who do not respect the principles of standard behavior and hygienic rules of the Zlín Film Festival to leave the cinema.

• If a spectator with a valid ticket does not fill his/her seat no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the performance, his/her right to the given seat is automatically forfeited to the organizer.

• Pets are not allowed in the VIVA Outdoor theater.